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  1. i did use a full keyboard profile. Does it work this way ? EDIT : i just tried to learn each key twice and it did it
  2. Hi, I run flirc on debian with an harmony remote, but Flirc does run only one on two events. I used a macbook to program the Flirc with the latest app. By the way, it tells me there is a new version, but if i update, i still have 3.0.29 instead of 3.1.0. If i download the 3.1.0 from the website and install it, it's still a 3.0.29 version. My harmony remote is set to sent maximum events. If i dump events with thd, each event is repeated fastly by the remote : example : EV_KEY KEY_C 1 /dev/input/event0 # KEY_C 1 command EV_KEY KEY_C 2 /dev/input/event0 # KEY_C 2 command EV_KEY KEY_C 2 /dev/input/event0 # KEY_C 2 command EV_KEY KEY_C 0 /dev/input/event0 # KEY_C 0 command but, if i click on a button of my remote multiple times (not fastly, with many seconds between clicks), it does take only one click, but not the second, ok for the third, not the next one, etc.... I did check on my mac (with a text editor) and it does exactly the same as on my linux config: one key on two. Could you help me ? (my config is attached if it can help my_flirc_config.fcfg
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