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  1. It's working now. Very odd, but Logitech online support suggested adding a new device using Flirc/Windows Media Center. I did that, then selected that as the active device. It still did not work. I then tried the original Flirc/Kodi that I had not removed and it now works. I deleted that Flirc/WMC device from myharmony and the Flirc/Kodi one is still working. Seems very strange, but that is what worked for some reason. Is there a button map diagram or something for Kodi with Flirc? I can figure out the basic ones, but would be nice if there was a contextual menu, and a few others maybe already baked in. The pause button does not seem to actually pause. Am I missing something? Nevermind, seems to be pausing now. Well, sort of...definitely flaky.
  2. No problem. I appreciate the support and I can always use my phone as a remote in the meantime. I don't even know what zadig is... Here is what the device looks like in Device Manager:
  3. Any more suggestions? I'm not sure what else I can do. I really would rather not go through the hassle of returning it to Amazon. I don't think it's faulty, as I can map keys fine. The software recognizes when I press a button on the remote, but Kodi does not seem to.
  4. Also, I should add that the error message I posted only seems to come up when I launch the gui. At least when using RDP, not sure that matters.
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I purchased this one: FLIRC FL-09028 USB Universal Remote Control Receiver for Media Centers Components Nothing seems to work. I tried navigation keys, media keys (such as play, etc) and the back button. Nothing happened at all. But, as I mentioned, the key mapping went fine. This is Windows Server 2008 R2, btw. And, also, I do have kodi configured to accept input from other sources, for example, the Android remote control app works fine on my phone. I understand that is wifi, not IR, but just trying to give as much information as possible. Thanks
  6. Need some newbie help, please. I purchased a Logitech Harmony 650 last week. So far, it is working great with my TV, receiver and Yamaha sound bar. I got my Flirc IR usb dongle today in the mail. I connected it to my htpc and ran the setup and installed the drivers. I upgraded the firmware when prompted. I added it as a device to my 650 ( Flirc/Kodi) and all seemed fine. I then mapped keys in the Flirc GUI and that process seemed to go smoothly as well. All keys reported they mapped fine as I was doing it. But still, if I launch Kodi, not a single key on the 650 is working. Do I need to do anything else? Must the Flirc software be open for this to work? This is Kodi 17 (Krypton, btw) I have read several setup guides and I can't really see where I am going wrong. I also saw where I should check to see if built-in profiles are enabled, and they are. I guess I didn't need to map all those keys. Still not working, however. Thank you! Edit: I just noticed in the gui log the below error message:
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