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  1. I will try that when i get home. Are you familiar with the simple control ios app based remote system? Do you have the IR version of the shield? I was able to use an old mce remote and program the keys to the flirc and then use the old mce remote to control the shield via IR, i dunno about power, i couldn't figure that one out.So heres what i did, in simple control i added the nvidia shield via the simple blaster and used the test remote to learn the ir from the simple blaster into the flirc to control the shield but when i plugged it into the sheild when i was done it didnt respond to any of the simple control commands for the shield remote. So worked for MCE remote, did not for simple control remote. I will try loading your configuration and seeing if that makes a difference.
  2. I have a 2017 NVidia shield I just recently bought. I did not get the pro version. Now I need to be able to use IR to wake/sleep the box and do other things. I bought a flirc since I heard it worked with the shield. My issue is I cant program the flirc since I don't have the IR version. How do I get this to work? I use simplecontrol as my remote and it has the NVidia shield in its database, presumably the IR version so why couldn't the same commands be used on the flirc? Am I screwed? Would it work if someone were to give me a configuration I could load since I clearly cant create one with the shield remote?
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