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  1. Success! All mapped keys work as they should. Thank you for fixing this! No more keyboard within arms reach needed :-)
  2. Still have issues, outlined below, used nemo_release-4.0.23.bin Not working: ctrl+f (skip fwd) ctrl+b (back replay) and ctrl+d (Info/Context Menu). *New Not working: Arrow Keys, Enter, Esc, Backspace All number keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 Period(decimal) **Working ctrl+shift+f (Fast Forward) and ctrl+shift+b (Rewind) WindowsLogoKey+Alt+Enter (Start Media Center/Start Page) ctrl+g (Guide) ctrl+p (Pause) **all other mapped functions, not listed, work Also note, in the Flirc GUI, key presses do not show when pressed. However, erasing the key and reprogramming works but after mapping successfully, the key presses do not show or flash green. I reverted back to current release bin.
  3. This breaks more than it fixes... Good News: ctrl+f (skip fwd) ctrl+b (back replay) and ctrl+d (Info/Context Menu) now work. BAD NEWS (Below mapped commands appear to be double inputs): ctrl+shift+f (Fast Forward) and ctrl+shift+b (Rewind) now jumps to 3x speed WindowsLogoKey+Alt+Enter (Start Media Center/Start Page) Pops into Start Page then back to where you were (Starting WMC from desktop OK) ctrl+g (Guide); Pops into guide then back to where you were ctrl+p (Pause); pause 1 second then plays How can I revert to previous firmware? I'd much rather deal with the ctrl+f/b/d thing as it is too wonky to use remote now. Used nemo.release-4.0.22.bin (Dori gave the 'invalid sku')
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