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  1. You my friend are a rockstar! Been working like a charm for me! Fix seems to work flawlessly! Appreciate all the hard work in getting this done.
  2. since we know v1 works, is there anyway to purchase that dongle anywhere?
  3. Jason, I just erased all keys and now only have the media keys power key mapped. Still only get can put in sleep, cannot wake.
  4. Okay just upgraded to 4.0.14 firmware...thanks for the suggestion Same issues, cannot select sleep detection in advanced settings and no power management in device manager. Good news, is when i wake, it doesnt look like its disconnected in the FLIRC so far
  5. I think i am falling into the same category, but i think slightly different, so wanted to throw my two cents here. Right now i am trying to log a harmony remote using the flirc. I am in windows 10 using FLIRC v 2.3.0. I have done the following: - Updated the Bios to wake from usb (i have a microsoft wireless keyboard that wakes the computer no problem) - I have modified the power settings to disable the USB selective suspend setting in the options. - Tried both the wake key and the power key in the FLIRC software. My results are that i can power down into sleep mode using a key, i suspect from the power key setting in flirc, so that portion is working. I am having the same issue as everyone trying to wake. In my device manager, i can see the device as an unknown, and it disconnects when i come out of sleep. The difference that i did not see anyone mention is that i do not have any power settings in my device manager for this device. i also cannot select the sleep detection in my advanced settings (its greyed out). I might be behind everyone else in this thread but if you need have any ideas, or need someone else to test i will be more than happy!
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