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  1. Got my Flirc today and setup just like @ixian described above and it works perfectly :) If I'm to make any addition is that switching to "Media Keys" to get volume controls vol+/- and mute on the Shield.
  2. @ixian thank you so much for taking the time to explain, I get it! I bow, thank you :)
  3. Ehh and that is how? Program my harmony with Shield device. Add another whatever device that does not iterfear with other IR devices. Start Flirc config and select the Shield profile and map those buttons, then switch to full keboard and program the rest? Told you I dont get it.. but that is my best guess.
  4. I have been reading that post and others like it many times here and at other forums, but I must be really stupid cuz I still dont get it. I have ordered a Shield and a new Flirc, still dont have any of them they are in shipping so I cannot play with them just yet. I do have the old flirc and an RPI in the bedroom, also got my gf a flirc and RPI so I do get some part.. but what I did was just map a keyboard for use with openelec and that was really simple and have been working great. So what is so special and confusing about getting it running with the Shield? I'm not just gonna run Kodi on it, I'll use it for Netlix, HBO Nordic (if they can make an app) Viaplay, SVT Play and blah blah blah... so I want the remote to work in all apps just like the original remote + extra keys for Kodi and apps alike. My hardware will be: Shield 2017 New Flirc Harmony 900 Please explain :)
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