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  1. Hi, I've bought a Shield TV and FLIRC about a week ago, and I've been following this thread since... I've had some mediaplayer devices before, but none like this! Also the FLIRC is great; I used to think it was just another IR receiver, but it's so much more! I'm having some problems configuring the FLIRC to work with my Philips Pronto URC. I also have this problem. Sometimes I can get it to stop, but other times, I had to pull the FLIRC. I must say, I'v been messing with the configuration and programming some different profiles combined (Shield/Kodi/Media). Is there an easy way to 'wipe' the complete configuration (without erasing every button separately) to start over? Never mind, I already found this one. After getting the basics working, I would sure like to add a discrete Power On/Off (it would be even better if it was possible to put the Shield to sleep from within Kodi) Also, the double-tap (Pause/Play) Seems useful. When using the Pause play from the Kodi menu, the menu doesn't disappear automatically, while by using the double-tap, it does. Earlier in this thread, there is a list of IR HEX codes for different commands, but from what I understood until now, it doesn't really matter which IR code I use to pair a command? Thanks for any help on these...
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