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  1. Hi Jason, i install my windows system new and now i havw the same problem like last year. whit the new version of the software my PC dont wake up. Where can i find the old software version? with 2.3.6 ? and how can i dowgrad the driver and everything? thanks for your help
  2. works since weeks now perfekt! thanks
  3. thx nice job jason, works a lot better now, i will do some test over the we
  4. Hi Jason, i´m back and today i get the V1 i test a bit and it wakes up the pc everytime without any problem. the only thing is cant send it to sleep with the power button vom the media controls, funny thing :)
  5. congratulations Jason i stay out one week so i cant test it. i will give you a update when im back home.
  6. i try it but nothing changes. has the old flirc the same probs? i will order that one, maby
  7. you mean ? powercfg -h off its allready done
  8. no its doesn´t matter, it ry it with the unplugged keyboard as well, no chance to wkae it up after short periods of sleep it wakes up with out problems
  9. im using 10pro, but today after 24hours of sleep i cant wake it up, again, i have to use also the logitech keyboard to wake him up.
  10. Hi, the last days its working good, im always able to wake up the pc. only when i press win + safe energie its not working. then yesterday i try the v15 to check if its working, but with 15 i cant wake up the pc at all. im watching in the device manager and i see there is no tab with power settings, i remove the flirc and put it back, and after that the power/energie settings are back and its working. we will see how it is the next days
  11. http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z270M-ITXac/index.us.asp i have this one. yesterday i found the option " allow windows to disable this hardware to safe energie" maby thats the point after a view hours of sleep
  12. after a night of sleep the Pc wake up fine! so i think its really important to add the power button from jason`s screenshot one page bevor.
  13. did you try the Fw from this Thread? this works a lot better. try 4.0.14
  14. when i press win+ safe energie i cant wake it up with the Flirc only with the logitech keyboard....
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