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  1. I was running firmware 3.8.0 and working with Samsung smart tv remote for Amazon Fire TV 2015. It has the problem that return key responds twice on one click. I reported this issue before but did not get much help. I recently updated firmware to 3.9.0 hoping it would solve the problem. But it didn't and introduces a new one. I used to be able to long press home button to bring up the menu to put device to sleep. Now long pressing home button is registered as two separate clicks, which brings up info window showing what the home button does. Is there a way to roll back to previous firmware, even earlier than 3.8.0?
  2. Just the return key. The default inter-key delay is 5. I increased to 7. But it didn't help. If I press the key fast and decisively, it recognizes it as one click. Slight sloppiness of the press triggers several responses.
  3. The issue is with return key only. It is really annoying. I have to press the key very quickly to avoid this. Anyone knows how solve it?
  4. Just got my flirc yesterday. It works fine for most of the apps, kodi, youtube, and etc. But it doesn't work for some games. For example, it doesn't work at all for crossy road. Only left and right commands work for Asphalt8, but not accelerate (select) and nitrogen (up). Is it a known issue? Is there a way around it? My TV Box is Fire TV 2nd, and remote came with Samsung Smart TV.
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