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  1. I am using the Flirc with a Raspberry Pi2, with 4 closely spaced USB connectors. It is configured and working fine, however, it does not fit well with another device plugged in either above or below. I tested this a few weeks ago with another (borrowed) unit and it seemed ok at the time. I also noticed that the transparent plastic case seems to be off a tiny amount and at a slight downward angle relative to the connector, and the connector is a little loose in the USB socket. Nothing noticable at first glance. It is not broken or defective, does not look damaged, came very well packaged from Amazon. Does not look like an obvious manufacturing defect either. So, my question: Did the case or the circuit board/connector change or get larger recently? Did I get a unit that is just slightly off in size or case not quite right? (Pic attached) Thanks in advance.
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