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  1. 2 hours ago, Sergey said:

    Installation of GUI goes successfully (no error message), however the program doesn't launch. You just click on it in the Application folder and nothing happens.

    OK got it.  If you look in your system log then you will probably be seeing error messages like the one in my first post indicating a problem with the call to qt_apple_check_os_version(). 

  2. On 1/18/2019 at 12:57 AM, Jim C said:

    Just bought a new flirc and am very frustrated that I can not install the GUI on Mac OS 10.9.   The download web site said  MacOS 10.6+

    Is there any way to find an earlier version of the GUI that will run on Mac OS 10.9 (Maverick) ? 



    Exactly what kind of error or error message do you get about the inability to install the GUI on 10.9?  Does it refuse to install or does it actually CRASH after the install?

  3. I had a working Flirc configuration based on a (FL-09028, original Gen1?) USB Flirc dongle purchased in 2014 that had been successfully programmed using the Flirc GUI v1.3.6 (don't know what firmware that would represent) and running under MacOS 10.9.5 on a Mac Mini used as an HTPC.

    Had not done any Flirc reprogramming since 2015 until this week when I got my new Harmony Remote and launched Flirc to do some updates and testing.  Unfortunately agreed to the Update dialog and now Flirc GUI v3.8 crashes on launch.  Crash log shows 

    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
    0   libsystem_kernel.dylib            0x00007fff86d76866 __pthread_kill + 10
    1   libsystem_pthread.dylib           0x00007fff8649835c pthread_kill + 92
    2   libsystem_c.dylib                 0x00007fff91a00b26 abort + 125
    3   org.qt-project.QtCore             0x00000001024d4d0d qt_apple_check_os_version() + 317
    4   org.qt-project.QtCore             0x00000001024183b9 QCoreApplicationPrivate::QCoreApplicationPrivate(int&, char**, unsigned int) + 153
    5   org.qt-project.QtGui              0x0000000101d1853e QGuiApplicationPrivate::QGuiApplicationPrivate(int&, char**, int) + 14
    6   org.qt-project.QtWidgets          0x00000001029c6568 QApplication::QApplication(int&, char**, int) + 56
    7   com.yourcompany.Flirc             0x0000000101042e35 QtSingleApplication::QtSingleApplication(int&, char**, bool) + 69
    8   com.yourcompany.Flirc             0x0000000101042ed4 QtSingleApplication::QtSingleApplication(int&, char**, bool) + 52
    9   com.yourcompany.Flirc             0x0000000101046c67 main + 71
    10  com.yourcompany.Flirc             0x0000000101042434 start + 52

    Amazingly, Flirc remote functionality seems to still be intact! 

    BUT, after recovering my original Flirc GUI v1.3.6, when running it says the dongle is at v3.8 but there is no other functionality to the GUI.  Flirc dongle icon shows "Disconnected" and app is very flaky, usually requiring a Force-Quit.

    Really hoping I can get this running again without losing all my remote programming or bricking the dongle.  Is there an incremental upgrade path I can take with intermediate versions of Flirc GUI without going straight to 3.8?

    Any help greatly appreciated!  

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