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  1. If you have been wondering on how to make Kodi work with Flirc and Harmony remotes to automatically suspend without you having to call up the shutdown menu or be stuck with the other methods that limit suspend commands to the home screen of Kodi this is how to do it with Kodi v15 at time of writing. Thx to GoodOmens for the tip though his info is a little out of date now so this is a guide on how to do it all.



    Go to system information and make a note of it's IP address

    Turn on SSH in Kodi services


    Harmony Software


    Flirc Media Player

    Change Device Settings

    Power Settings

    I want to turn this device off when not in use

    I press the same button for on and off

    Add command and select PowerOff (if you have messed with poweroff before finding this guide choose the fix command and reset IR code for PowerOff)

    Sync remote


    Go to Flirc software

    Select file clear configuration

    Select full keyboard

    Select Ctrl+F12 (as Kodi wont respond to this at least not yet)

    Go to devices on Harmony remote and select Flirc media player then hit the power off key to map it to Ctrl+F12 (requires harmony with display screen or map power off to physical button)


    From Windows

    Download WinSCP

    Select SFTP

    Input Kodi IP address

    Username = root and password = openelec

    Once logged in select options\preferences\panels and tick the box for “show hidden files”

    Browse to /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps folder

    Create a file called remote.xml

    Copy and paste in the text below, then save (old floppy disk icon)

       <f12 mod="ctrl">XBMC.Suspend()</f12>


    Exit WinSCP



    Reboot the system (required for new xml to take effect)


    Now if all goes well when using Harmony activities the system should go into suspend.

    If you've been wondering why not just use the stock Flirc/Kodi power off command combined with the Kodi settings\power saving changing it from shutdown to suspend, this doesn't work. If you go this path the system will always wake up when using any activity and not go into suspend, the stock power off command is bugged somehow like it's being sent multiple times.

  2. The stock Flirc profile for Harmony must be misaligned as I get this too. The default is no power settings at all on Flirc/Kodi profile with "power off" being the only command. If you change the power profile in Harmony to use this by putting the system into suspend (via Kodi settings power off = suspend) it doesn't work, it will always wake the system no matter what you select on the remote.

    If you don't use the built in power off command in the Harmony Flirc profile and instead do as you suggest by setting power off = number 0 then set this to Ctrl+End in Flirc software the system works as expected going to sleep when selecting another activity or powering off.

    So there must be some difference between stock "power off" and "ctrl+end" the Harmony Flirc profile is sending the power off twice or something like that.


    Update: After some research I have found a better way that makes suspend work in any area of Kodi UI, wrote a guide on how to do it all.


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