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  1. Hi,

    So I tried every keys and some usually common combinations on my keyboard in the main screen of AndroidTV and in different applications and there isn't much to say.

    The only way to go back to the Homescreen that I found is to use Alt+Tab to try and switch recent applications but somewhat for me it is always empty so it goes to the homescreen.

    The arrows are working correctly, and even though the Backspace sometime work in some applications it doesn't seem to work with the officials applications like Youtube or TED talks. To navigate in those the echap key is needed.

    Using the Cmd or Windows key brings up the voice search input but says something like "Cant connect, try again later" but I think it's just that he cant connect to a microphone. This input is not typable...

    I tried to use the FireTv preset of flirc for Back, Home and Menu keys but only the back button works for the SHieldTv.


    EDIT: Oh and my keyboard also have a sleep key and it worked!

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