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  1. When I received it I programmed it and it worked fine. Had to reprogram a few times just to figure out how it worked on different remotes (ie:, on MCe remote, not very well due to the MCE remotes quirks). Used the flirc for a week and it was fine, though a little sketchy at times, would stop working and then work fine again 2 minutes later, I put that down to issues with the Kodi setup waking up from sleep or something. One night it acted up in that it would only respond to commands from the remote if I held the remote right up and pointed it directly at the flirc. Next morning it failed to work at all. So then I tried to re-program it and this is the point at which it failed to respond to any remote. My thoughts too were that it would be very unlikely that a device that worked fine would suddenly stop working, hence my request for help/advice on this forum. My retailer has agreed to replace the device. Maybe it was dodgy all along and the intermittent failures were not just teething issues and sleep problems with Kodi, but evidence of a flirc that had a hardware fault all along.
  2. No, you cannot program the flirc. The software see there is a flirc connected and will wipe config, change advanced options and upgrade the firmware without an issue, but the flirc will not learn any commands or respond to any keypresses on any remote. The OSMC/Kodi system works 100% with an old MCE ir receiver connected, it recognises all the same remotes that the flirc fails to recognise.
  3. I guess, given the lack of support, my next move is to return the flirc for a refund and find something else.
  4. Bought a flirc one week ago and after some initial problems (because of an MCE remote) it has been working well on my OSMC/Kodi setup with a brand new Apple Remote. Occasionally it wont recognise the remote but then I try again a few minutes later and it's fine. Last night I found I was really having to hold up the remote and line it up up pointing directly at the flirc to get it to work. Today, nothing. Won't respond to any remote. Have tried it with the flirc software on 2 macs and a PC with 3 different remotes (all of which are confirmed working on other devices) and it doesn't see any of them at all. Tried a forced firmware upgrade which was successful but it still recognises nothing. Tried unchecking built in profiles and sleep detection, tried checking noise canceller and sequence modifier, tried changing inter-key delay to other values. Nothing works. The software sees the flirc fine, the flirc just doesn't see any remote. What do I do next?
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