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  1. Alankeny: I tried this method and it does not seem to work with V3.6 of the firmware. The GUI just always pops up the message "unsupported firmware version" and refuses to do anything further.
  2. With the most recent firmware, my remotes and remote configuration no longer works with FLIRC -- so I am in serious need of a downgrade as well. FW3.1 worked fine -- FW3.6 basically doesn't work at all (with my remotes).
  3. I'm still waiting on a downgrade method too. I have 4 FLIRC's that are basically useless to me at this point -- the two older ones used to work great, but with the current firmware they do not work PERIOD in my application.
  4. I sent an email to you regarding this. Not rushing on a fix, but curious if you have any idea how long before I could get my hands on the older firmware (3.1)? Without it, pretty much all of my Flirc's (4) are unusable at the moment (unless I totally reprogram my remotes).
  5. I currently have 4 FLIRCs which are used with a variety of RPi2, Cubox, WMC, etc. My first two had come with firmware 3.1 and had been working wonderfully using keys I learned from a custom Windows Media Center remote (URC8810, JP1, custom config). (I also have a rather huge collection of old remotes from UEI, Radio Shack, numerous WMC remote versions, Comcast remotes, Philips RC5/RC6/RCMM remotes galore, etc). So...I bought two new FLIRC's to add to my two new RPi2's and went to program them and had all sorts of headaches -- specifically, lots of the keypresses keep getting recorded as already existing and won't work. It really acts like the new firmware is missing a bit transition or two when it receives the code. This means that it is pretty much impossible for me to relearn things from my media center remote config (which is what I need to work -- as it is super tweaked and works how I need it to). I can potentially shift over to a different/slower protocol like straight Philips RC5 or one of the Panasonic ones, but I'd rather not have to -- especially as firmware 3.1 had been working fine. Unfortunately, during all my futzing around, I made the mistake of updating my older FLIRC's to 3.6 too, so I'm now basically dead in the water. Has anyone else seen this same behavior with 3.6 recently? (interpreting two different IR codes as if they were the same code; especially with WMC remote codes) As a fallback, is there any way to get my hands on the 3.1 firmware as a .bin so I could just downgrade back to it? I'm also willing to help debug this -- I can figure out which codes are getting confused and check the protocol and patterns in my JP1 tools and see what's actually getting emitted (or hook a receiver up to a scope if all else fails). I haven't worked with IR much lately, but I'm intimately familiar with what's involved (especially RC5/RC6, as I used to work for Philips 15+ years ago and actually wrote the decode routine that went in one of the TV's).
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