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  1. Sorry to bump an old topic, but these repeated keypresses (partly multiple spurious repeats of the single key I did press, partly totally random sequences following the genuine keypresses) were making my brand new flirc with the latest firmware installed completely unusable on my Pi1 model B too, though it worked fine on a Pi 2 and with my laptop. The answer was in the post by summers. I swapped out my Pi's power supply and the problem went away completely. The various tweaks for this problem proposed in other, later, threads did no good at all in my case. This wasn't a "cheap and nasty" PSU, BTW. It was a good quality one bought from a reputable specialist Pi supplier specifically for use with a Pi, and it has been powering that Pi for two years with no sign of any problems either with booting or stability, so I'm confident the voltage and current levels are up to spec. It looks as if some sort of out-of-band interference from the PSU or its cable was fazing the flirc. I see in more recent threads that other people are still having the multiple spurious keypresses issue, but I can't find any mention in those threads of this particular cause and solution which worked perfectly for me, which is why I'm bumping this.
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