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  1. At this point I'm probably just talking to myself, but I thought I'd post this because the only solution I found required a firmware downgrade. I found working downgrade steps on page 2 of the thread. My problem with extra key presses seems to be specific to the combination of a Tivo Glo remote and an Amazon Fire TV. Using this remote with the FLIRC connected directly to the USB port on the Fire TV only worked after I downgraded to firmware 2.6. I thought it was working before with version 3.5, but using any of the 3.X releases resulted in the same extra key presses. After I downgraded to 2.6, I couldn't use the Fire TV remote in the GUI any more, so I had to program the FLIRC to send the corresponding keyboard combinations I found in the KODI wiki. The 3.6 version of the firmware worked OK as long as I swapped out the Glo remote or the Fire TV. Harmony + Fire TV = OK. Glo Remote + MacBook Pro = OK. Glo Remote + Fire TV = extra key presses and other random weirdness until I downgraded to version 2.6.
  2. I found the steps to downgrade in the Firmware > Bugs forum. Based on a post from another user, I went back to firmware version 2.6, and my FLIRC was usable again. A firmware downgrade was the only thing that worked for me, so hopefully it's OK to post this: Download and install the GUI+Firmware version you want from http://downloads.flirc.tv/release/gui/ Open a command prompt, change to the FLIRC directory, and run flirc_util dfu Start the FLIRC GUI When the GUI starts, it will detect the FLIRC boot loader and download the version of the firmware bundled with the GUI. I was never able to get the Force Upgrade button in the GUI to work, but these steps worked every time.
  3. Well now I really need help with this. I was adjusting some settings on the FLIRC I use with my main TV, when the software asked me about upgrading to 3.6. I said no, but when I started the FLIRC app on my Mac a second time, it upgraded the firmware to 3.6 without asking. The problems I reported in the first post, before rockgatherer97 hijacked the thread, are still happening. Every key on the remote registers extra key presses, so the FLIRC is now unusable. How can I force the firmware back to version 3.5?
  4. I could really use some help getting back to 3.5. The only way I can keep the keys from randomly repeating is to set the inter-key value to 0. On 3.6 that doesn't work any more. I keep getting random repeating keys even with the inter-key value set to 0.
  5. I've been using a couple of flircs with some Tivo Glo remotes for a long time. The keys have never repeated when I held them down, so I got used to pushing buttons on the remote multiple times. On firmware 3.5 and earlier, if I pressed the same button on the Glo remote too fast, the flirc would register several extra key presses very quickly. After upgrading to firmware version 3.6, almost every single key press on the Glo remote registers extra key presses. If I press left once, I'll get between one and four left key presses. It happens on all of the keys I've configured. I've always programmed the flirc by pointing the remote at the ceiling rather than directly at it. I've tried every inter-key value from 0 to 6 with the 3.6 firmware, but I still get the extra key presses. Once I figured out what was going on, I stopped upgrading the firmware. As long as I stay on 3.5, the Glo remotes work OK. I saved the configuration from a flirc running 3.5, and loaded it into another one running 3.6, but 3.6 still generates the extra key presses. How can I downgrade the firmware from version 3.6 to 3.5? Is there anything else I should try to keep the keys from repeating?
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