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  1. It's THIS issue, but for OSX: https://www.reddit.com/r/xbmc/comments/25b66c/how_can_i_get_flircremote_to_control_xbmc_even/
  2. Maybe what I'm asking is how to tell my iMac to send those Flirc related commands to PHT and no where else? Does this make sense? If I left my iMac in Safari, for example, and then I sit on my couch and want to use Plex Home Theater, my remote keypresses would be sent to Safari, right? - Thanx - Jon
  3. Hi there. Yes, I understand what you are saying - my remote keypresses will be translated as a USB keyboard to my iMac... My iMac is NOT dedicated to JUST use Plex Home Theater. I use it for all kinds of stuff. I have my TV set up as a 2nd monitor using my Thunderbolt port to HDMI. If I go to use PHT on my TV, how does my iMac know where to feed those USB keyboard inputs to? Do those inputs just go to the selected program? Like, if I'm in iTunes, my remote would control iTunes; if I'm in Plex Home Theater, those remote inputs would be sent to Plex Home Theater? Get what I'm saying? - Thanx - Jon
  4. Hi All, I'm missing something... So I have Plex Home Theater running on my iMac, and I have a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable running to my TV. I ordered a Flirc and a USB extension cable to put Flirc under my TV. I plan to program my Marantz remote to control PHT from my couch. All good. However, how will I tell Flirc WHAT program to use? I mean, I use my iMac for lots of stuff... Can I tell Flirc to feed the remote keypresses to PHT only, and not say... iTunes? - Thanx - Jon
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