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  1. I do have them enabled yes. However, it appears that I fixed the problem by rebooting the htpc again. After a reboot it started receiving the signals. :wub:
  2. I have a Harmony Touch remote that is set up following the FAQ for harmony remotes here. I have a flirc updated to firmware v3. I cannot get the remote to do any actions at all in XBMC. I have gone into the actions on the harmony remote software and verified that the remote buttons are doing the XBMC actions that I desire but when I use them there is no response. I can go into the Flirc software, full keyboard and learn keys which it says are successfully learned from the remote so I believe the flirc is functional. It can obviously receive signals from the remote. I can verify that the signals are correct via a bluetooth keyboard. Yet when I use the remote buttons nothing happens. I have the XBMC setting selected that remote sends keyboard signals. I have looked around online but can find nothing that actually gets flirc to work. Any help is appreciated.
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