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  1. 1. Unfortunately No.


    2. Unfortunately No.


    re: OR


    If there is a way to reboot the box from within Chrome OS, I am equally unaware of it. There is, however, a way that's slightly better than having to go down to the basement and push a button.


    Any time in Chrome OS:



    login with "chronos"

    at the prompt> sudo reboot




    Found this: 4. Restart in the blink of an eye. Sometimes Chrome OS gets bogged down after hours of use with multiple tabs opened and closed. The fastest way to get moving again is a restart, and the fastest way to restart is to hold down the Refresh and Power keyboard buttons simultaneously. Chrome OS will quickly shut and reboot, freeing up the frozen cogs of your Chromebook.

    Source: https://gigaom.com/2014/02/21/10-chromebook-tips-chromeboxes-chrome-os/

    Is for Chromebooks, but maybe see if you can find the according keys?

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  2. If I was serious about using the heatsink I'd start by sanding back the coating to expose the bare aluminium, then I'd pretty much do what yawor was saying.


    As a side note, I thought the Flirc case looked pretty good, but then I took one and sanded back the outer coating. What a difference! Everything just looks so much better in brushed aluminium. :)



    Did a slight variation with using a thicker thermal pad (http://oi62.tinypic.com/equrmo.jpg), and at least for my case can confirm that despite having slightly sanded back the post a 1.5 mm pad bridges the gap between heatsink post and processor.

  3. Some data.


    The chip on the Pi 2 is only about 0.2mm less in height than the chip on the Pi. It isn't, however, in the same place. It's slightly off to the left. The left edge of the Pi 2 chip is about 3mm out of the edge of the Pi chip, and subsequently, the heatsink. It actually does hang over on the right now. By how much cooling is affected all depends on what exactly is on those leftmost 3mm.


    It is, however, an extreme bother to people with OCD, because it simply doesn't fit from a purely visual aspect. Saying that, will we see a revision of the Flirc case to accomodate the exact placement of the Pi 2 chip?

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