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  1. Success! :) Thanks to Jason and yawor for the directions to get me there. I can report that once I was able to enter it properly, the flirc_util.exe record pause command worked in the command line. Note that I did have to use .exe in the command, at least for me. I chose to pair the Power button on my remote control as the button I would use to operate the PS button. I also added a key to my touchscreen that I named PS that has the same code as the Power button, so it also operates as the PS button. Jason, I'm sending you an Excel spreadsheet that details what I've done and expanded on the some of keyboard notes shown on the Setting up Flirc with PS4 page. Do with it as you see fit. I don't know how to attach it to this post. These are some of the notes I put at the bottom of the page that detail how I got into the command line, and what I saw at every step: * The Flirc interface does not have a key on the Full Keyboard GUI that corresponds to the PS button on the Dual Shock 4. The command line process detailed below must be used to allow the Flirc to pair with a button on your universal remote control. ** The command line process below will still not allow the PS4 to be turned on from a sleeping state, but will work to exit programs like Netflix to get back to the Playstation 4 home screen. Using the command line for flirc: 1. You will not use the Flirc graphical interface for this. If it's open, close it. 2. Plug the Flirc into a USB port on your computer. 3. Now for the Flirc command line. Thanks go to yawor, one of the Flirc forum administrators, for these directions for an easy way to access the command line and command prompt 3a. Open "My computer" and navigate to the directory where you've installed Flirc (probably "c:\program files\Flirc" or "c:\program files (x86)\Flirc"). If you get any warnings when navigating to program file directories, just ignore them. 3b. When in Flirc directory, press alt+d or click on the location bar at the top of the window, enter cmd and press enter. The command line terminal should open and you should already be in the correct directory. At this point you should be seeing the following: C:\Program Files\Flirc> 4. Enter this text at the end of the above prompt: flirc_util.exe record pause All together, you will see: C:\Program Files\Flirc>flirc_util.exe record pause Hit your enter key, and you should see the following: Press any button on the remote to link it with 'pause' Now you can press the button on your universal remote control that you want to use as the PS button from the Dual Shock 4. Once you press the button of your choice, you will see: Successfully recorded button 5. You're done.
  2. I'm showing version 1.3.2 The full keyboard in the version I'm using is slightly different than the full keyboard I see when I view this: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202923419-Controller-presets-in-Flirc-GUI What I see on the bottom row of keys is: control - windows - alt - space bar - alt - windows - control The bottom row of key in the link shows: control - alt/option - command - space bar - command - alt/option - control That command key looks like it would be mighty fine to have if it's the root of my problem. I sent you another email with an attachment showing a screen shot of how far I was able to get using the command line. I don't know what's supposed to happen, if anything, once flirc_util record pause is entered into into the command line. An then, there are no instructions what to do after flirc_util record pause is entered into the command line. Is the flirc programmed based on that entry? What keyboard keyboard key needs to be paired after that, if any?
  3. Hey Jason, were you able to look at the screenprint attachment I sent after my post above? It seems all the posts regarding this subject on various forums end without a resolution. Again, is it even possible, with the use of the flirc and the command line to turn on a PS4 from standby and exit programs like Netflix and get back to the PS4 home screen??? At this point, the flirc hasn't allowed me to do anything a standard keyboard won't do, and I don't need a flirc in the chain between my universal remote and PS4 when I can learn keyboard commands.
  4. Thanks so much for the help. I attached a screenshot of what I did. I didn't get any results, so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Curious, has anyone actually gotten this to work? Is anyone now able to turn their PS4 on, exit Netflix or other programs and return to the PS4 home screen? Well, forget it, I don't have a permitted file type to attach.
  5. Thanks Jason, I will try you around 9:30, I have team viewer on my laptop.
  6. I must still be doing something wrong....sorry, but I have almost no experience using this method. I'm going to have to wait for the video. I'm not sure what to do after I select start, then type run into the search box. Do I hit enter? I can't immediately type cmd?? Again, sorry for my ignorance.
  7. I have the same issue of the command line opening ever so briefly, then disappearing. I tried using flirc_util.exe instead of just flirc_util, with the same results.
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