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  1. After reinstalling the Flirc software and manually adding the device driver for bootldr, I was able to update to firmware 3.5 and record the pause function. My initial issue was getting the driver installed under Win 7. Happy to report the "PS" function works for me and I never had to remove the PS4 controller from my PS4 settings (when I plugged in the Flirc it showed controller and keyboard in the top left corner). Now I just need to reprogram the other keys and I should be all set.
  2. I decided to try to update the firmware from 3.1 and got a prompt to load driver followed by a driver not found message. Do I need to manually locate and install the driver?
  3. I just purchased the Flirc for my PS4. I plugged it into my laptop and installed the software under Win 7. I was able to run the GUI to program it, but from the command line I get no response when trying to run "flirc_util record pause". It just returns immediately to command prompt. I tried reboot as well as unplugging dongle and plugging it back in. Any help?
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