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  1. Wish we had fast forward and rewind options. :mellow: They are the L2 and R2 buttons on the dualshock4 if anyone can figure out what keys that matches up with. When I enable HDMI CEC with another TV and lug the PS4 to the TV which supports CEC the fast forward (R2) and rewind (L2) as well as next (R1) and previous (L1) work on the tv's remote control through CEC. I wonder if some genius could figure out what keystrokes would emulate this. :D
  2. Beautiful. Thanks for all your help and support!!!
  3. It sounds very very simple. I think I've got it. Would it be the same on a mac using terminal?
  4. Sounds very easy. Thanks for your help!!!
  5. I'm in. I'd love to get this amazing device programmed.
  6. I actually have no idea how to write the "flircutil record pause". Do I just open command prompt as an admin or terminal? I tried to search the forums but I haven't found anything specific to this. I can wait if you're planning to write a controller profile for the Flirc app. Thanks again for all your help. So excited to have a remote for my PS4 :)
  7. I just got my Flirc in the mail today. How do you program the the record pause? I have access to osx and windows 8. Thanks!
  8. If it's just Netflix and Bluray disks I'll be super happy. In the PS4 settings we can leave the USB Ports active while the PS4 is in rest mode. Maybe then we can wake up the PS4 with Flirc?
  9. I'm so excited reading this! Has anyone confirmed that the above keyboard layout works for Netflix on the PS4? I can't wait to use this with my Logitech Harmony Remote!!!! Anyone else using this with the Logitech Harmony remote that can give some feedback? Thanks!!!
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