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  1. Thanks for your comments, Imcoke. I couldn't see any Compatibility setting for that site in IE11, so I switched to FF and the problem disappeared. Could someone please fix this for IE as I normally use IE for all web sites and don't want to have to remember to switch just for FLIRC. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm an absolute newbie with FLIRC and have hit a stumbling block with the BACK button seen on the first setup screen. While the arrow and Enter buttons exist on most remotes and their corresponding actions are unique and well understood by everyone, the BACK button is certainly not in that class. In fact, most remote controls don't have a "BACK" button. As I am not familiar with any device that has a BACK button, I am really confused by the instruction in FLIRC Setup to "Press the button to be paired with 'back'". Which of the various possible meanings of 'back' is intended by the BACK button during FLIRC setup? 1. Previous (track, chapter, ... ) 2. Rewind 3. Step/Instant/Progressive backward 4. Exit 5. Clear 6. Return 7. Escape 8. Backspace, backward delete 9. Previous navigation menu 10. The BACK action for a control that has a BACK button. What action is that normally?? 11. Any others? Thanks guys for any help. I'm suspecting the answer is 9; but I'd prefer it to be confirmed before I continue with set-up. In future, could that question please be posed less ambiguously for us dummies?
  3. This wasn't going to be my first question for the forum. I composed that question in a text file and then discovered I was unable to paste it into this field (the Message field?). Absolutely nothing happens when I Right-click Paste, or Ctrl-V, or use the Paste Icon. I can paste into both the Title and Tag fields but not this one. I have also tried re-booting -- didn't help. And no, my clipboard is not empty; it pastes into any other text window just fine. Is everyone else able to paste text into this field??? I know I could attach the file in question, but I'm frustrated by this behaviour of the forum user interface and would like to get it solved first. Thanks for any help you can provide. I'm using Win7 Pro x64, IE11. I've never had this problem on any other forum or in Windows.
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