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  1. Thanks for this Out of interest whats in the "modified config" compared to the one I just uploaded? Will re-record over the weekend and update you thanks I think the reason for so many signals recorded to the one key is the GUI would often say "Key recorded" without me doing anything at all... I posted about it in a separate thread, was driving me mental. Anyway keep up the great work I love Flirc and i'll update you over the weekend, thanks.
  2. Sorry never saw that option I get "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" n So i've renamed it to .txt to upload it here for you Hope this shines some light on the problem, Thanks MJMC_my_flirc_config.txt
  3. Hi Jason Here's my config: http://bayfiles.com/file/nZbj/yf6BIl/MJMC_my_flirc_config.fcfg
  4. No I haven't re-recorded it yet I'll upload config later today for you Thanks
  5. Hi Jason Thanks for the reply, if this info is of any us: It's just the back button that seems to be getting pressed over and over... worked fine for weeks. So a film would be playing and it jumps back to a menu in xbmc, and then back to the main menu etc, weird Also, to test what I did was I removed the battery from my logitech remote and left the flirc in the usb port. it still happens. So it's not the remote itself sending the command. When I remove flirc from my usb the problem no longer happens. I'll re-record all the commands again and wipe my flirc and let you know.
  6. Just reporting that all of a sudden I have this problem now too I will re-record keys as suggested. Just weird that it worked fine for weeks and now it's become a problem
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