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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't had a problem with it since I've been home. They kids say they have to hit other buttons before hitting the play control buttons (Pause, Play, Skip, etc.) but i haven't been able to confirm it. I checked the settings and the key indexes look the same as yesterday. So, that's good. Current Settings: flirc_util version v1.3.4 [v1.3.4+] Firmware: v3.5 [77E94DBB] Settings: sleep detection: Enabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 3 seq. modifiers: Disabled state: 0 builtin profiles: Enable Memory Info: keys recorded: 37 keys remaining: 132 memory used: 28% Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 5 D528005B backspace 7 79DDAE1B return 9 F0036282 pageup 10 E57FD4BB pagedown 17 4B8CDDB5 ] 18 FC64E7B5 [ 20 95B61417 1 21 8B326A57 2 22 7ADE4D09 3 23 BA27A578 4 24 1FE56C30 5 25 1561DE69 6 26 50DA522 7 27 769F25F0 8 28 664B08A2 9 29 796828A9 0 30 63016D31 delete 31 EFAE5602 up 32 E5271129 down 33 D4D2F3DB left 34 8A31E762 right 35 5A2FC3D4 [ 36 78188DD4 ]
  2. I am going to post my issues on this thread. I upgraded to 3.5 in order to try to map the Media Center Skip buttons without the need for Autohotkeys. I have posts on another thread concerning that attempt. I spent some time yesterday reinstalling 3.5 in case it was corrupt, force upgrading the firmware to rewrite it to the FLIRC, clearing the FLIRC and reprogramming it, making sure the remote was not pointed directly at it and it worked that evening rather well. Today, after working for a while, the skip buttons stopped working. When I ran the flirc_util settings command, the two keys (square brackets) I programmed to remap with AHK were no longer displayed. It showed that I still have 35 keys programmed, but did not show those two. So, I reprogrammed those two keys again and its working, and reports 2 more key indexes with the [ and ] keys remapped. I really think that the 3.5 firmware corrupts memory over time. It would explain many peoples issues with the firmware. I purchased my FLIRC in December. I haven't had it but a little over a month, i don't think its hardware related. BTW, when I ran flirc_util status, it reported Last Update Status: Error Is this a problem with that option, or is it telling me my last firmware update wasn't successful? Why does the settings command only show the indexes for single key mappings? What would be a good version to revert back to in order to not have to fight the FLIRC every day, several times a day? Thanks for any help.
  3. Off and on, during the Super Bowl, I've been working on the buttons. I ended up just using the My Media Center app from Ceton to give me skip functionality until i work something out. I do need to report one thing. I am not sure the information is cleared when you use the menu option. I ran the clear configuration menu option. When I pressed the skip back button on the remote, it would show the last key combination I programmed (CTRL+B). When I hit it again, it showed me the other combination I programmed prior to the last (the [ key). I cleared the config again, then removed and reinserted the Flirc dongle. That seemed to work. I'm using a cheap RCA universal remote (RCRPS06GR) that can be bought anywhere for under $15. I set it to one of the cable provider boxes in order to get a profile that used the skip buttons.
  4. Just wanted to add that hitting the skip forward button will sometimes send the skip back keys. I am going to look to roll back to a stable version and just keep using AHK. I'm sure this will get fixed one day.
  5. Yawor, I did as you suggested. I had some issues with reprogramming the buttons. I ended up clearing the entire configuration and starting over. I stopped the AHK scripts and reprogrammed the buttons using the Full Keyboard controller. I did find where the repeat version of the remote key was also programmed. In order to clear that, I ran the clear configuration menu option and took an additional step of loading a blank configuration file. I programmed all the keys. They work sometimes. I may have to press another button before it will work again, Only saw this start in the later releases. During programming, I saved CTRL+B to the back button on my remote. But I could program program the buttons to the same button over and over again without the program telling me that it was already programmed. I am using a RCA universal remote, with WIndows Media Center 7,
  6. I'm still having to use the Autohotkey solution with the latest code. Has anyone successfully programmed the Ctrl+F and CTRL+B to work with Windows Media Center without Autohotkey?
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