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  1. Hi guys, long time no see! I know this is totally random as maybe no one tried this combo, but, i'm reading that the Neo A2 Lite remote now has IR. i wonder if the keyboard in the back is also sending IR signals.. Would make an awesome remote for KODI !! thanks!
  2. this $15 Philips SRU5701WM universal remote looks awesome for FLIRC'N!!!
  3. Brilliant! +1 Forum doesnt look FLIRC enough :P
  4. +1 for Internal Flirc, but i dont like the idea of loosing my bluray reader...
  5. oh yeh i know that ;) i've written a little guide talking about this in another thread here. basically i wanted to suggest a more 'noob friendly' way of doing such a thing. since your here, u might wanna chek out KEYEXTENDER application :) http://www.remapkey.com/
  6. i think this would be great! Using FLIRC's GUI, if we could indicate the path of an executable we wish to launch, and record it to a desired button on our remote that would be awesome!! :)
  7. Sup guys, long time no see :P Dont know if its do'able but, what if FLIRC could handle multiple profiles? example, sometimes i use XBMC and sometimes Windows Media PLayer... Both of these players have their own ways/keys for doing stuff... Idea would be to create a profile for XBMC and a seperate one for Windows Media Player, and then assign a desired button on my remote to toggle the XBMC profile when needed and assign a different one to toggle the Windows Media Player profile when needed! THat would rock on!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! right?? :)
  8. it is indeed a valid point... one might think FLIRC's bulletproof but in fact, as it is today, its not... not necessarely FLIRC's fault but, since we encourage users not to plan on using FLIRC with a windows MCE/RC6 remote, that should be appear somewhere on the main website...
  9. yeah but again, we dont suggest MCE remotes with flirc. best to use a TV remote or an Harmony remote.
  10. very nice indeed! Merry Christmas!
  11. as we always say, avoid microsoft products with FLIRC... so, to be short, yeah, its a remote issue
  12. yes, thats a GUI bug that author knows already :P
  13. depends on the remote you have,,, HArmony 300 remotes cant be tweaked for speed/sensitivity ... While any other Harmony remote can... but i recall Jason saying that u can play with flirc's sensitivity using a command-line command,,, try that...
  14. And since im on Fire, remove the REMOTE CONTROL forum as anything discussed there can easily be part of the GENERAL TALK / HELP forum.... and any remote issues can be talked over the * Remote Issues sub-forum of course and also, any Working Remote Profile worth mentioning can / should be placed in the HOW TO forum!!
  15. and rename the General Questions forum to GENERAL TALK / HELP :)
  16. and rename the GENERAL Discussion forum --> GENERAL DISCUSSION / HELP
  17. i still suggest 1 BUG REPORT forum with these sub-forum!! the more i look at the forum, the more i know its should be this way :P BUG REPORT * Firmware Issues * GUI Issues * Remote Issues :)
  18. How to erase a mapped Button on your Remote? in FLIRC'S GUI, Click on the "ERASE" button located bottom left, and then on your remote, simply press the button you want to erase! Happy Erasing :)
  19. How to make your PC SLEEP/WAKE by pressing a button on your Remote? (Windows Only) if you want to make your PC SLEEP/WAKE using a button on your remote, this is easy,,, first disable the hibernate feature on your PC 1. type CMD in Start menu search box area and then hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter 2. try/type either of these 2 commands here and then hit enter: powercfg /hibernate off or powercfg -h off 3. hibernate should be OFF now... then follow these steps to create a windows shortcut that would make your HTPC sleep when double-clicking on it A ) Right click on a empty area on desktop, and click on New and Shortcut. B ) Type rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState into the location area, and click on the Next button C ) Type Sleep for the name, and click on the Finish button (You can name this anything you would like though) Now Important, if you want to move your shortcut elsewhere, do it now! Ok so, once moved to where you want it, right-click on it, then assign a keyboard shortcut to it, example, CTRL + ALT + S refer here if you have problems doing so http://thecustomizew...with-windows-7/ then, using FLIRC's GUI, select the FULL KEYBOARD controller for a sec, click on CTRL + ALT + S, so that those 3 keys appear in green on your screen and then record this key combination to your desired button on your remote... Now, if all goes well, when you'll press that recorded button on your remote, it'll emulate like if u would press CTRL + ALT + S on your keyboard and this means windows will go to SLEEP!! Night Night :)
  20. How to prepare your Harmony Remote before Mapping it with FLIRC? Hi guys, best thing to do is add a one of these 2 TV profiles to your Harmony remote, example either a Panasonic TC-P65VT30 or SAMSUNG LN46C650L1F!! And of course, dont choose the same TV brand you own. i tested both of these TV profile and they work %100!! No repeat key issues and if you hold down left or right arrow, it'll scroll fast!! then using the HARMONY desktop software or MyHarmony.com just make sure to not leave buttons un'asssigned on your chosen TV profile becuz if u do, those un'assigned buttons wont be map'able using FLIRC's GUI! So dont go crazy here, the point is simply to assign actions to buttons on your remote,, which action it is and on which buttons its assigned FLIRC doesnt care! Like i said, your official map'ing will be done using FLIRC's GUI anyways! and also, make sure to not assign the same action twice here!! So use different actions for each buttons! this will prevent the famous 'Button already exists' error from showing up when you'll configure your harmony using FLIRC's GUI! Happy Mapping!! :)
  21. nice! we need a GUI to tweak the sensitivity, this would help non-tech savvy's
  22. have a Track Progress sub-forum we could rely too for infos like whats coming in next firmware version! its nice to keep track of such a thing! and might aswell have also a list for accepted suggestions so we can keep track of those too!!
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