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  1. 1) yes you can.  Plex can use keyboard shortcuts just like Kodi, so just open up the Flirc's keyboard interface and program the keys/commands you want to use.  Here's a list for your reference:


    in full disclosure I've only done this with Kodi so far (most of the keys/commands are identical), and programmed "subs on/off" to a short press and "next sub" to a long press of the same key and it works great.

    2) You would need to program the Flirc for as few/many keyboard commands as you want (so just 2-5 if all you want is full control over subs,) then add the flirc to whatever activities would use plex on the shield, and then finally "teach" the remote's buttons to the Harmony.

    Let me know if that's not clear, good luck

  2. Went to redo my Flirc configuration as I've moved from a FireTV to a Shield.  Was prompted to update firmware, which I did, then got a message that said I have a newer firmware than software supports.  The message stated v.3.110 on device and V3.9.0 GUI supported, but at the top of the GUI it was reporting 3.22.4.   But when I attempt to download software (v.3.22.4 from one link, v.3.25.3 from another) they are both reported as having a virus.  I'm on Win10 FWIW.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

    BTW, posted this previously in General section, then realized GUI bugs is probably more appropriate.


    Flirc unsupported capture.JPG

  3. Says I have a newer firmware than software supports, v.3.110 on device and V3.9.0 GUI supported.  But when I attempt to download software (v.3.22.4 from one link, v.3.25.3 from another) they are both reported as having a virus.  Being stubborn I went ahead and forced the DL, but when I attempted to run it I got a message stating that it wasn't compatible with Windows (I'm on Win10 FWIW).  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

  4. Hello Jason:  I got my new Flirc, thank you very much, I spent less than five minutes upgrading firmware and programming the buttons/keys and it works like a charm.  Great product, you're a class act and I will continue to sing the praises of Flirc!  Well, not that I ever stopped, but you know what I mean ;-)


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  5. I have a 1st gen Flirc that I'd like to use with Kodi 18.5 on the Fire TV 4k stick.  I've updated the Flirc's firmware, programmed a few keyboard commands, verified that they are working by using Notepad, but when I connect the Flirc to the OTG adapter nothing happens.  If I plug a Logitech wireless keyboard into the OTG , the keys work just fine, so it doesn't seem to be the OTG nor a setting in Kodi nor the Flirc itself.  Anyone got any other suggestions?  Thanks.

  6. Quote:  "I have a Amazon Fire tv cheap version....How do I set up Flirc to work with the time warner remote and the Soundbar  and the fire stick or the rca remote to work with the fire stick ?"   So do you have a FireTV 1st generation box or a FireTV stick?  If the FireTV box, then after you program the Flirc you'll plug it into the USB on the back.  if the stick, I don't think you'll be able to make it work from what I've read. 

    Note that the Flirc "translates" commands from your remote to keyboard presses (which presses are determined by the programming you do), so the Flirc won't control your Soundbar, regardless of which remote you use (unless I'm way off base and your unnamed soundbar actually is controlled by a USB keyboard)..

    Quote "The rca remote is getting annoying...Each time I press the appropriate device it turns it off"  That's just not normal behavior.  I'd reset it and start from scratch. Regardless of which remote you settle on, they should all have a volume punch through feature you should utilize.

  7. That's the button I was referring to in my post (not sure why my pic isn't showing up now).  Are you saying that after setting up the Harmony 300 with the Logitech software (I'm assuming you chose the Flirc profile)  that there isn't a button on the remote for "Home"?  If that's the case (sorry, I have a 650 so can't see what buttons/functions Logitech assigns), then you'll have to go into the harmony software and manually assign or learn a command from another remote (so that the Harmony sends a unique IR signal when you press the yellow button), and then in the Flirc interface assign the newly learned yellow button to the Kodi home key in the picture above. 

    I hope that helps. 

  8. regarding your double-click issue, I feel your pain.   I have two Flirc/FireTV systems, one using a Logitech 550 and a second using a 650.  The 550 has always worked flawlessly with the Flirc since day one.  The 650 has always suffered from double/multiple clicks when sending a command to the Flirc, but never a problem when sending commands to TV, DVR, BluRay, receiver, etc.  I've tried the full range of delays in the Harmony software--no improvement.  I've tried the Flirc's inter-key delays (0-7), ditto--I can make the problem worse, but never better.  I've swapped the Flircs between the two remotes(obviously reprogramming them), no change--the 550 works great, the 650 suffers from multiple clicks.  For whatever reason my Harmony 650 just doesn't play well with the Flirc.   I feel like it's my particular 650, otherwise the forum would be swamped with similar complaints. 

    That being said, about 2 weeks ago I noticed some posts referencing a new firmware version.  I re-downloaded the Flirc software and forced a firmware upgrade on my 650.  After reprogramming and setting inter-key delay to 5, I'd say  my incidence of double clicks has dropped by 75%.  Still not perfect (I should probably be playing around with my inter-key delay instead of writing this), but much, much better.  Maybe worth a try?  Good luck!

  9. Unless I'm really off base here, there's no one-button Kodi control that will shut down your PC.  Therefore in order for the Harmony (or any remote, keyboard, etc) to shut off the PC, it needs to send the actual "PC shutdown" command.  And that most likely means a command that's NOT in the default Kodi or Flirc profiles.  If you didn't have the Harmony, is there another remote control that came with the PC that could shut it off? If so, that's the button you need to teach to the Harmony for power off.  if not a remote, is there a keyboard command that would shut off the PC?

    I'm confused by your last reference to the two different profiles on your Harmony.  Do you mean activities or devices?  if i assume you have an activity called "Watch Kodi" on your Harmony, you probably have at least two devices set up under that activity: one was Flirc/Kodi to control Kodi, but what other device did you install to control the PC?   if you go into your Harmony's set up and you look at the button pairings for "Watch Kodi,"  what device is it using for power off? 

  10. Just a quick disclaimer, I've never used Open Elec, but I am using Kodi on a Win7 PC with a Harmony 650. 

    I thought the only way to shut down a PC via the Kodi interface was to call up the shutdown menu


    and then choose the second option.  While a keyboard "s" calls up the menu, I'm not aware of a keyboard combo that directly selects "power off system."  Therefore, if the Harmony remote is able to shutdown your system via the help button, then it must know the PC's keyboard shutdown command but just isn't using it appropriately.

    I think you need to go into the Harmony software and make some changes so that pressing the "off" button sends the PC's shutdown keystroke and not Kodi's.  Instructions either here:




    Let me know if that solves it.

  11. Hmmm, OK, so I either lied or something changed--Kodi started acting buggy after updating to 15.2 so last week I wiped everything and pushed firmware 51.16.3_516012020 (rooted 1st gen FTV box)..  Clean install of Firestarter 3.2.1 and Kodi 15.2.   Now when in Kodi if i hit the Home button once, I get the FTV shortcut screen with the time and below that the options of Sleep, Mirroring, & Settings.  Not what I recall every happening before. I do NOT have the clear cache option checked. 

    However, if I hit the esc key, it does take me to the home screen.  Backspace and the FTV return key just move me back up one level/click.  Maybe double check with a keyboard, just to be sure?  I was having all kinds of problems with the "L" I had assigned to my remote, the keyboard check showed me I had inadvertently assigned an "H".  D'oh!



  12. Two questions:  1)  The assigning of all the other buttons has gone as expected?

    2)  To erase the buttons in question, you're first clicking "erase" on the Flirc GUI, then pressing the remote's "up" button and Flirc GUI says "erased!" and then you are doing the same thing with the "OK" button?  I only ask because when I first got mine I kept trying to erase by clicking the corresponding key on the Flirc GUI and not the remote. 

  13. I have Firestarter installed on my FireTV and I've set it to go to Kodi when the Amazon "home" button is pressed once (and to FTV's actual home screen when double pressed). 

    I used this work around because I don't know of a keyboard control to go straight to main Kodi page.  If anyone knows how to do this with a keyboard (other than multiple hits on the esc or backslash keys  ;-)  then you could assign off the full keyboard interface and eliminate Firestarter.

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