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  1. LOL - Yes, thanks. I just sent back a Harmony 650 because compared to my old one, it felt anemic and the software acted buggy - actually crashing a couple of times. I'll reconsider that option if "user training" doesn't work.
  2. Ah, well. I spoke too soon anyway. A most unusual thing about folks with motor control difficulties is they aren't consistent. That is to say they have good days and bad days, good hours and bad hours... Mrs. got up from a nap and can't consistently control the Fire TV. Am I using the Inter-Key Delay correctly? 0 = No Delay and 6 = Maximum Delay (600mS?)?
  3. No. I only erased what was programmed for the 5-way on the Fire TV so I could replace it with the Minimalist. The software insists on that. Goofier still, I had previously tested all the Inter-Key Delay setting without any success. Just to further my misunderstanding with an example, do *all* of Flirc's controllers "UP" arrows send the same string and at the same rate?
  4. Mrs. had been having intermittent difficulty with the 5-way on our universal remote due to a motor skills problem. I was able to duplicate what she was experiencing almost literally by just thinking about holding the buttons rather than just clicking them. On a whim, I replaced the Fire TV remote programming with the Minimalist programming and noticed an improvement. I then changed the Inter-Key Delay from the default 3 to 2. She can now navigate the Fire TV without any issues. I hope this will help someone having similar difficulties. Jason: Can you confirm a difference in the code between the Minimalist setup and the Fire TV? I'm guessing the Fire TV is sending a more continuous burst, whereas the Minimalist only sends one or two bursts?
  5. LOL! That's just one more reason I bought a Fire TV. I can hardly wait! :D
  6. Hi, laope. I haven't tried this, but I have thought about it. I have a Logitech K400R wireless keyboard with the receiver attache to my Fire along with the Flirc through a simple four port USB hub. I once, rather absent mindedly, did an Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard. Only after the Fire re-booted did I realize what I had done. FWIW - I found this:
  7. I might have my problem figured out. Or at least, this is what's working... I was using the Flirc XBMC power button to put the Fire to sleep, but it was the one that was unreliable. I've now changed it to Flirc's Computer Media Keys power button, and it seems to be working as expected. Which is actually very good for a device with no power/standby button. My Samsung TV and my Yamaha amplifier both only have a single power toggle button. A long time ago, I was able to scrounge the Pronto hex codes for them to create discrete on/off buttons in the MX-500 using a vintage Palm TX and an app called NoviiRemote. I figure it's only a matter of time before someone like Jason figures out the discrete codes to make the Fire sleep/wake more properly. As it is, power toggles so I left it out of my system off macro. I'll be sending the Harmony back. It's pretty, but I didn't really need it. And MyHarmony keeps hanging up during the sync process. Plus I can punch in a macro on the MX-500 faster than it takes to sync the Harmony when it does work.
  8. XBMC Launcher? And it wakes OK? Which Flirc configuration? I might have just had a revelation. I'm using FiredTV. That could be the source of my problem...
  9. The MCE remote and its provided receiver will wake the Fire. The button in the extreme lower right that looks like a PC and is labeled "Desktop." In theory though, any key should wake it up. Haven't found anything that will put it to sleep reliably yet. Which is kind of surprising since the Fire has a built-in sleep command.
  10. So I got a Harmony 650. I already had a vintage URC MX-500. I also had a generic MCE remote contol. I have a Flirc and a generic IR reciever that came with the generic MCE remote control. Obviously, I also have a Fire TV. The difficulty I'm having is in getting the Fire TV to sleep and wake *reliably*. Anyone else having better luck?
  11. Hi, Robbie. Which Harmony do you have? I have a 650 on the way and I'm trying to pre-educate myself...
  12. The link Chris! posted took me to, "Sorry, we couldn't find that!" and it made me sad is all. Has the thread been removed?
  13. :( :( :( P.S. Jason, I recall reading you had deliberatly left command line ...err... commands out of the GUI. I didn't catch why, but maybe if you put them under and "ADVANCED" tab?
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