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  1. Thanks, that was it. FWIW, I got a FLIRC stick and paired it with an xbox one remote control and it works perfectly on my PC. Great little gadget.
  2. So, as long as I have the patience to map something like 100+ keys, it can work. That's great. How about the mouse? Is there any redemption for that?
  3. I don't know, may be this is not realistic, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I was doing research on flirc so I can use it as a dongle for HT device remote control. However, as I was doing this, it dawned on my that Flirc is recognized as a keyboard by windows.... and I ve got an HP keyboard+mouse set whose dongle has stopped working. Is it conceivable to get a Flirc dongle and connect it to my Hp keyboard and have it operating as such? Thanks
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