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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes it did help because I now have play - pause, FF and rewind all working fine, not to mention the home button that takes you straight back to the main menu - nice. Just a quick observation though, first their doesn't seem to be a context menu button (key 'C' I believe) in your software and second mute doesn't work (in firmware 3.1 or previous version). I did plug in two different keyboards (Logitech and Trust) to my minix to test the mute out and they both trigger it correctly. Anyway apart from that FLIRC is working fine so great work.
  2. Hi, very new FLIRC owner here and more than a little puzzled. I have a Minix X8-h and bought the flirc because it seemed it was easy to set up so I could control the minix with my Harmony 650. From reading (and going round in circles) it seems I need to install software (a profile?) into the flirc device to make it work properly, but nowhere can I find what software is needed and how to actually install it. I get how to set up the harmony - that bit is easy. Anyone?
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