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  1. Am I out of luck with this request? I really just need to reference a mapping. I used to have a button mapped which would first go to the top of the menu (parentdirectory) then back to the previous screen menu, and so on in xbmc. For the life of me I can't replicate this behaviour. I have one or the other i.e it just goes to the top of a menu and nothing else, or it just goes back to the previous screen. I have no idea how to use cmdline to view the mapping file but saw someone had there's posted. If you could post my mappings on here, you'd save me a lot of time and frustrations with this / xbmc. Thanks. btw, I couldn't find the latest 3.1 rc v9. I can only see 3.1 rc8 on the forum?
  2. Is there any way you would be able to post the button mappings from that config file in this thread? I saw another thread where someone had done this in order to troubleshoot a bug. I think i'm just going to remap the buttons using the latest rc and hope for the best now. Simpler. It would just be useful to reference my old mappings as it was near to perfect with xbmc. Cheers
  3. Hi, Is there any way to view a saved config file in order to view the button mappings that were saved in it? The GUI doesnt show my mappings when i load a config file, likely because it was done in an older version (which I am unable to downgrade too) I have uploaded the config file but have no idea how to view it (Notepad doesnt show anything meaningful) Cheers my_flirc_config_VM.fcfg
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