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  1. Hah great, wasn't aware of this, thanks :-)
  2. Installed the flirt software on an apple laptop, wanted to program flirt with the “full keyboard“ like in the Windows version. However, there is no drop down menue,no grey bar at all, where I could change something. I am not an experienced Apple user, did I miss something, or is this a bug in the Mac version of Flirc?
  3. Hi Pete, in the full keyboard of FLIRC, there is no num pad. How could I try the alternative with FLIRC? Or did I miss a function in FLIRC to switch (show) a num pad in the full keyboard-layout as well?
  4. When I try to save CTRL and + button on the full keyboard, it actually shows then CTRL and @ button as saved. As a "counter test", I tried the combination CTRL and @ button, the result was CTRL and @ combination. How can I program the CTRL and + button as combination?
  5. Bump! Any idea what I am doing wrong? I am trying to program CTL P --> I am selecting both keys in the Full Keyboard --> pressing the button on the remote - Flirc software says "Recorded successfully" --> when I again push the button on the remote, nothing happens. After clicking several times at the button of the remote, i can see the P blinking for one time in the FLIRC keyboard. --> when I click on erase in the FLIRC software, then the button on the remote, Flirc says "Button already erased" So obviously the configuration was not saved at all, or automatically deleted again after saving?
  6. Hi, this is my first attempt to program my brand new FLIRC. My plan is to set up a HTPC with the easiest possible remote control. I need this for an elder person. I have updated the FLIRC to Firmware v3.0 Running on Win 8.1./64 I bought a SEKI Medium IR-control http://www.amazon.co.uk/Medium-Universal-Remote-Learning-Capability-black/dp/B0059G9WHM I am using the full keyboard for programming purposes: I select CONTROL and + KEY in order to program the "+" button on the IR. Result: when I test it, the CONTROL and @ KEY is blinking at the FLIRC keyboard screen For other combinations, it says "Recorded successfully" but nothing happens. The key combinations I will need for Jriver Media Center: http://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/Keyboard_Hot-keys Any idea, what I am doing wrong? Thanks
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