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  1. You're right, Jason. The flirc was showing up in the Device Manager under "Universal Serial Bus devices" instead of "Keyboards". I have reinstalled it so that the generic HID Keyboard Device is present when the flirc is inserted (so now there's two HID devices), but it still isn't connecting.
  2. No problem, I have updated the thread probably 15 times in the past half hour, so it keeps changing (my bad). - I rebooted without taking any action - no bueno. - I uninstalled the flirc (Interface 1) under libusbK USB Devices in the Device Manager, replaced the dongle and downloaded the drivers, and rebooted - still didn't do the trick.
  3. I am unable to get the Flirc GUI to recognize the dongle on my HTPC. When I try to map the keys, the GUI asks me to "Please connect flirc" and displays the disconnected Flirc face. I have tried plugging Flirc into both USB 3 and USB 2 ports, but neither change the outcome. Flirc is recognized in the Device Manager, but a second (new) device under "Keyboards" does not appear when the dongle is plugged in (see first attached image); the HID Keyboard Device listed is that of my actual USB keyboard/mouse - not the Flirc. What's weird is that Flirc is recognized as an HID Keyboard Device in the "Devices and Printers" screen (see second attached image). I have also tried the zadig method (), which did not work for me, and finally tried running the application as Administrator, as someone else had suggested, but the GUI still asks me to connect the Flirc. Here are the specs for my HTPC: - Windows 7 Pro x64 - ASRock FM288M Extreme+ (Motherboard) - Flirc v1.2.7 I was able to plug in Flirc to another computer (Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and different motherboard) and it connected without any problems. I mapped the basic buttons on this second computer, plugged it into Computer 1 (my HTPC) and the device became unresponsive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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