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  1. Moved to the right forum: http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=115633
  2. Apologies for this fairly off-topic post becoming about the URC 64x0 remotes. Flirc has been super easy to use. :) One more question, yawor: is there a way to set the power button to do something in Combi mode? With "Watch TV" Combi active, the power button does nothing. I'd like it to turn off the TV. So far the 9xx codes page hasn't revealed a method for this.
  3. I notice that the URC 6430 copy function is a little spotty. Am I supposed to hold the source key on the source remote, or just press it once? It fails to copy about 80% of the time and I have to retry.
  4. Wow. That's irresponsible. If they know it not only doesn't work but results in a non-working remote, they should include a "Linux" button with a clear warning that it's not only not supported, but known to cause this. I wouldn't have even tried under Linux if I'd been aware. I lost 3 hours of time and started an Amazon return process because of that. Thanks for the explanation! Colour was a small factor, but I simply didn't need to support 4 devices. Really, I only needed 2. I wasn't aware the 6440 has a key backlight. If I replace it I'll upgrade. I wish only that it had "next track" and "previous track" buttons separate from FF/rewind. I've mapped unused keys to cover that. Otherwise it's a good balance of simple design and enough buttons to be useful.
  5. I have a follow-up question. I had a lot of trouble with simpleset.com. I tried to use Ubuntu Linux to access it, and the resulting settings.bin bricked the remote. It wouldn't respond to anything except as a USB drive until I used simpleset.com again with my backup of the original settings.bin and Windows 7 in a virtual machine. Is simpleset.com known to work or not to work with Ubuntu? It really shouldn't matter what my OS is, as long as it can save to a FAT filesystem.
  6. Samsung code 2051 works perfectly for me on PVR to interface with Flirc. Thanks yawor! Here are the final steps: 1. Hold Setup for 3 seconds - TV blinks twice 2. Enter 992 on numeric keys - TV blinks twice 3. Press TV 4. Press PVR - TV blinks twice 5. Hold Setup for 3 seconds - TV blinks twice 6. Press PVR 7. Enter 2051 on numeric keys - TV blinks twice
  7. Awesome, yawor. I noticed your use of the 6440 and hoped you'd have good advice for me. However, there is a potentially serious error in your advice. The procedure is: Enter SETUP by pressing and holding WatchTV/Setup button until the LED blink twice. Enter code 992 using numeric keys. LED should blink twice if the code is accepted. Press TV button ("from" device, the new mode of the next button). Press PVR button ("to" device, the mode you want to remap).
  8. tl;dr: Can any of you recommend a remote code for the URC6430 and Flirc? Hi all! I just bought a Flirc and love it so far. I'm using with XBMC on Ubuntu Linux. I also bought a URC6430: http://www.oneforall.com/urc6430-simple-3.html I'm trying to use the "PVR" selector on the URC6430 with Flirc. However, I need a key code that: 1. Works on just one button press with Flirc. Many key codes like 0842 (Thompson SAT) require me to press them twice to generate one keypress with flirc. 2. Every key on the remote is a unique IR code. Many key codes either lack some buttons like TEXT (I want to map it to key "L" to change subtitles) or duplicate buttons. For instance, with code 1624 (Alice Cable box), the "back" and "circle back arrow" keys both generate backspace. I want these to be separate, for backspace and ' keys in XBMC. Can any of you recommend a remote code for the URC6430 and Flirc?
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