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  1. Hi; Since february I have a Flirc that I have been usign on an HTPC (running OpenElec Linux + Flirc XBMC Add-On) with zero problems, not a single issue. But the last week it stopped working, at first I wasn't worried, so I plugged out and tried to reflash it on my Windows 8.1 laptop, but it didn't worked, also tried in an Ubuntu machine but no success. In Windows 8.1 Flirc somewhat works when I launch Flirc Setup.exe v1.2.6, but trying to flash it makes the installer hang, telling "Firmware version -16", and never completes. In my HTPC with OpenElec (Linux) it simply refuses to work, and if I launch the Flirc Add-On, it tries to reflash Flirc and the whole X Server crashes. Since this is where I need to use Flirc, things look bad. So I believe that my Flirc unit is broken somehow, and hope to get some support.
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