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  1. Remote being used

    Universal Remote Controls (URC) RF-20 with generic AUX profile 001


    + One less remote cluttering up the living room.

    + Ability to map key combinations (useful for creating a 1-press program startup)

    + Functions great in XBMC & Kylo Browser

    + Reception is solid even when plugged into a rear USB port

    + Ability to sleep/wake PC with remote (a work in progress, but very promising!)

    + Rapid support from dedicated users in forums

    + Developer (Jason) takes a personal interest in EVERY user-reported issue


    - Firmware can be buggy depending on your system configuration and operating system; causes aren't currently well known

    - Limited stock on hand; sometimes have to wait a couple weeks after ordering to receive a device


    I'm extremely happy with my Flirc. Even after encountering some problems (most can be solved by reading the forums!) I'd still rather use Flirc than anything else. Flirc is a constantly evolving device, with great opportunity for future development. Jason is constantly engaged with the user-base and is committed to developing new features and capabilities. You won't get this level of personalized support with any other device.

  2. I use a URC RF20, which is a really misleading name as it's IR and not RF unless you buy an RF accessory, but I've been really happy with it. I chose a generic AUX profile for the remote if I recall correctly, but I'll double check when I get home to see if perhaps there's something similar in the available Harmony profiles. What symptoms are you seeing?

    What profile are you using for the RF20? I tried the Panasonic TVs since my TV is a Samsung, but they left several buttons unused. So I went with a DVR profile that had all buttons assigned, but it's still pretty buggy.

  3. Running Win7: I've got a remote button mapped to the 'Sleep' shortcut, and it works great...as long as I leave the shortcut on my desktop. Even if I move the shortcut file to another folder BEFORE assigning a keyboard shortcut, machine will not sleep on remote press. Wake button works great with FW v6.

    I'm happy it's working, but I love a clean desktop. Any ideas?

    Edit: I can hide the shortcuts on the desktop by making them 'hidden' and then telling Windows not to show hidden files. A little inconvenient as I like to have ready access to Windows' hidden files/folders.

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