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  1. Hello, I have a suggestion to add a record_raw command that works like the record_api command with the addition to pair with raw IR code. This would be great to make it easier to edit, rearange, sort, copy and append differend configs in a ordinary textfile and then program the file into flirc. I would also like the plex_utils keys command to show all keys...now it doesn't show the keys with modifiers. / Zälda
  2. This is off topic but is the plex_uitls going to be updated to also show keys with modifiers (Ctrl+A, Alt+B, Shift+Win+C etc)?
  3. The first 10 keys are working perfectly but the media keys are spamming. flirc_config_madia.fcfg
  4. I have a problem that the media keys are spamming multiple presses. All the other keys are working fine but the media keys are spoamming unless I lower the inter-key delay to 3. But if i do that the other keys are not working as intended. I'm running windows. Anyone having the same problem or a solution? / Zälda
  5. Use eventghost to load the right conf file when corresponding application is in focus. / Zälda
  6. I have solved this by using eventghost. Make a macro to switch application On the Task Activated event for the application Make a Start Application "flirc_util.exe load_config my_config.fcfg" action call. This works nicely for me and lets you use one remote and same buttons for many applications. I can send my eventghost setup if you are interested. The only drawback is if there is a limit how many times you can program a flirc, the case if it is EEPROM memory. Maybe someone here have the answer to that question? / Zälda
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