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  1. I think the idea is that we would like support on how to fix the problem. Essentially, this product is broken on Ubuntu and this disclaimer should be made. I ditched Flirc and went with a wireless mini keyboard. It works great.
  2. I have the same problem, John_T. Trying to figure it out and would appreciate any help...
  3. So I had enormous troubles getting the GUI to work in mythbuntu 12.0.4, I tried running as root and kept getting a QT error. So, I transferred over to my windows machine and programmed the remote using the keyboard. I then transfered Flirc back to my frontend mythtv and it isn't working. Worked fine on my Windows 7 machine. Thoughts? I'm ready to return this device. here is what I get when I try to run from CLI: QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme. fl_open_devices(339): trying to open: 20A0 :: flirc.tv [D] fl_open_devices(385): 0bda:0111 (bus 1, device 5) [D] fl_open_devices(385): 1c4f:0002 (bus 2, device 2) [D] fl_open_devices(385): 2188:0ae1 (bus 2, device 3) [D] fl_open_devices(385): 045e:0745 (bus 2, device 4) [D] fl_open_devices(385): 20a0:0001 (bus 2, device 6) [D] fl_open_devices(428): Vendor: flirc.tv [D] fl_open_devices(448): [Vendor Match] ./Flirc: symbol lookup error: ./Flirc: undefined symbol: libusb_get_port_number Thanks!
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