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  1. so I've done it the way u told me too and i have the most important keys now. could be great if i had the possibility to use the coloured keys and the quick "toggle keys" myvideos mymovies etc. one thing that annoys me is that a lot of the hard keys on the harmony touch remote isn't responding when i try to assign them, like pg up and down, exit, the coloured keys, dvr, guide and info, anybody know why thats happening. do you believe its the flirc software or the fact that i used the matricom media as device in the harmony software.
  2. it means that i used the xbmc format gui in the flirc software to map the keys. ill try the full keyboard gui. thanks
  3. Im trying to get my tlbb and harmony touch to collab through the flirc ir reciever. In the harmony software i added matricom media server and in the flirc software i used the xbmc to map keys, but a lot of the keys that i have on my tlbb remote is missing from the flirc xbmc like context menu, videos, movies section the coloured keys etc and a lot of the keys a not the right key. its just messy, play stop keys left right keys are working but thats like it. Anybody who has the same setup or know what to do? regards
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