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  1. I successfully use Microsmith Hotlink Pro with my flirc.
  2. Let me start out by saying my problem only occurs with a specific remote code which I am trying to use to get more buttons working. Flirc works quite well when I used any other code with my BellTV remote and my fallback is to simply reload a previously saved configuration. However, I would like to get more keys working. Specifically, I want to get all the PVR (DVR) keys to work on this remote. It's similar, if not identical, to Dish remotes. I am using FW1.0 with GUI0.96. The issues also occur with the recent Release Candidates including release hours ago. I'm trying to use the remote code as described but get the issues as mentioned in the subject line when trying to record buttons. Here is a very simple demonstration using the command line: C:\>flirc_util.exe format Formatting Device, please wait... Done! C:\>flirc_util.exe record 1 Press any button on the remote to link it with '1' Error: button already exists It's appears to be random how many buttons I can record before I get that error message. If I try again, I'll be able to record the button. After this, however, the buttons will not be mapped correctly. Pressing 9 will send a 7, for example. I've uploaded the config file from this particular example session. Flashing to new/old firmware and erasing/formating the configuration hasn't helped. I have a second flirc and it exhibits similar behaviour with this remote code. Doug flirc.fcfg
  3. I tried that too and can't get it to work. The difference may be that I am trying to get a different remote (for the 6131 PVR) working first before trying it on the UHF/IR remote. I have 2 6131 IR remotes and 1 IR/UHF remote and I'd prefer to get it working on all three the same way so that the interface is consistent. Oh well, I'm stuck with code 667 for a while.
  4. shadowofdarkness, Thanks for that new code. I tried it and see all the buttons on the remote are active (lighting up). Unfortunately, when I try to program the buttons in flirc, the GUI keeps indicating that the buttons/keys already exist even though I've cleared the configuration. It appears the IR codes seem to overlap or flirc can't quite distinguish between them. Did this happen to you at all? FYI, I'm using the latest GUI/firmware here... GUI - v1.0.0-rc.1 CLI - v1.0.6 FW - v1.1.0-rc.1
  5. Hi, FYI, I have the same remote for BellTV. I found code 667 works best (most programmable buttons) for me. And the left key works! ;-)
  6. I have a Raspberry Pi and I also mucked around with kbdrate and other settings to no avail. I recently found the interkey-delay setting on the flirc command line and voila! No more rapid button presses. Maybe give it a try...
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