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  1. Is this being worked on at all? If so an eta whould be nice. Im gonna return mine cause i thought this was already implamented.. (My fault i know)
  2. Anyone know if this is in the works, and if so how far off it is to be implemented?
  3. So since there seems to be some requests for this, any possible eta? :) :)
  4. A little pressure ;) this is without a doubt a sought after feature, received my flirc and it works real good, but sorry to say that is going in a drawer untill longpress is a go. I think alot of people use this with their htpc, and having a apple remote with longpress is kina ideal for this. I also think that your gonna move alot more units with this feature.
  5. Ahhh, bought one online 5min after writing that to test. Is there a timeframe for the feature?
  6. Im curios about this to.. Only thing holding me back from purchasing a bunch of theese.
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