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  1. I think you are mis-understanding what the Flirc unit is and how it is designed to work. Yes, the Flirc is very compatible with Kodi. A perfect fit. Your Flirc "pretends" that your remote is a keyboard so that you can configure the Flirc to receive various signals from your remote and pass them along to Kodi (or anything else, for that matter) as key presses. Kodi is preconfigured to accept keyboard commands so you really don't have to "do" anything to make this work. Maybe aside from a couple "tweaks" based purely on personal preference, Kodi should not require any configuration to make use a Flirc unit, although there is a way to do that. If you familiarize yourself with the keyboard controls for Kodi, you'll see that everything you want to do is mapped to a key press. For example, you can push "c" for the "Context Menu", "p" for "Play", etc. You can change these settings, but it can get kind of messy fairly quickly and isn't really necessary to use a Flirc. The full list of keyboard commands is available here for your reference if you need it. What you do is plug your Flirc into a computer and run the Flirc configuration utility. I believe that there is an "out of the box" Kodi configuration/keyboard layout included in the Flirc utility, or you can use the "full keyboard" presets to set up your remote. The basic work-flow is to click a button in the Flirc utility's on-screen keyboard. and then push a button on the remote to synchronize the remote click to the "fake" key press. Once you've mapped all your remote buttons to desired key presses, you save the configuration to the Flirc device and then it's ready to use to control Kodi. It's super easy. Here are more detailed instructions with pictures, etc. You might have better luck with a "more simple" remote. I find that those Harmony remotes are generally more complex than you'll want for Kodi, but they can be made to work. YMMV, etc. The remotes that I've found to work the best are the multi-device ones with arrow keys and a few additional buttons. Your existing TV remote might be a good candidate if it can be used to control more than one device (and you're not using it for more than one device) or an old VCR remote can be a good candidate too.
  2. My first thought is that this is something that you'd want to take up with the operating system/Kodi on your Raspberry and make use of the in-built CEC capabilities instead of trying to duplicate the behavior with your Flirc. Have you tried to map the TV power button to the power-down keystrokes in Kodi? This is probably a "different angle" to take... but how about limiting the amount of data fetching that Kodi does, or if your router will do it, disable the Kodi box between the hours when you and the family are sleeping or at work, etc. so that none of that goes on endlessly.
  3. Interesting and excellent answer, yawor! I had one of those OneForAlls quite a few years back...forgot all about it. As I remember it, it was quite a nice unit and would work for all (or nearly all) my stuff, but if I remember correctly, I broke it.
  4. Not to be a wiseguy....but what is the fascination with these really, really expensive Harmony remotes? Unless I'm really missing out on something, why would you want to pay that much for a remote? The beauty of these FLIRCs is that you can use just about any remote sucessfully.... My favorite Kodi remote is a "garage sale special" that I paid less than $5 for. Like I said, I don't mean to ask stupid questions (If I'm really missing the boat on this) but can anyone tell me what the big deal is?
  5. Get a different remote. Not worth the hassle. Sony makes a multi-device remote, for instance, with all the buttons and arrows, etc. that you'll ever need for like $15. I've had trouble with the cheap multi-device RCA remotes, but for the price ($10-$20) you might want to try one of those. Or, ask your friends and neighbors, etc. if they have an old remote lying around the house that they don't need anymore. Most people would be happy to get rid of one. Just don't think that you *have* to spend 300 bucks on a Harmony or something.
  6. I'm trying to set up with some RCA remotes. Neither one seem to "register" with the FLIRC receiver. Is this the case, or are the remotes defective? When I go into the Flirc GUI and start the programming process, these two remotes don't seem to register any key pushes. Is this a common problem with RCA remotes? RCA RCR311BIR Three-Device Universal Remote Control RCA TV & VCR Remote Control #240895, CRK76TA1 Is anyone using these remotes successfully? Where can I find good technical information regarding remote signal formats and so forth to make an informed pruchasing decision? I'd go out and pickup another cheap RCA Universal remote, (I like the way the buttons are laid out, etc.) but I'm not confident that this problem will not be seen with other models. One of the "selling points" for the Flirc was that I thought I could use one of the "spare" remotes that I had around the house.
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