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  1. On the strength of this post, one of these remotes has just landed on my work desk :D I can have a half day to go home and program it, right?
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, I think that I'll just purchase a new one.
  3. I have had little to no luck programming the Flirc with this control. I have programmed the handset with a random TV code, then programmed the Flirc with this for XBMC on the RaspberryPi - If down is pressed, the item on the screen will scroll all the way to the bottom and the same with up - If you try and press buttons in quick succession then you have to press several times for this, slowly (I have changed the key press settings in the program) - When the program is used to programme the Flirc, it repeatedly says that the button is already in use, even though I start from scratch each time This is all on a MacBook Pro running Mavericks and a Dell 11Z running Windows 8 This remote does have a circular up, down, left, right button that is part of one circle so perhaps this could be an issue?
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