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  1. Sorry! I didn't see the previous topic with the workaround: Using AutoHotkey fixed the problem. Instead "(" and ")" I used CTRL-ALT-F and CTRL-ALT-B...
  2. I'm using Windows Media Center on Windows 7, FLIRC Firmware v2.1, FLIRC GUI v1.1.5 and Harmony 885. I have the following problem: In Windows Media Center the keys for back (CTRL-B) and forward (CTRL-F) are not working while viewing a record. When I'm in the program guide the buttons working well, so I'm sure that the buttons are configured correctly. Pushing CTRL-B or CTRL-F on a "normal" keyboard while viewing a record is working well. Any idea how to solve this problem? By the way: The stop button (CTRL-SHIFT-S) is working while viewing a record!
  3. Beside other functions I also configured the wake function. All buttons show up in GUI (full keyboard) as soon as I press it on my remote. Only the "wake" button doesn't, although the wake funcionality works fine. Would be nice, if this could be corrected in the GUI.
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