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  1. that is my experience as well. I too use a USB extension cable. Although I use a USB hub which seems to negate the bugs in the wake up firmware v. 6.
  2. range is great. I can put it on the back of my htpc and it still works 98% of the time. Better results than a mce receiver on a USB extension cable direct line of sight.
  3. been a couple days and everything is still great. What a wonderful product.
  4. Is there a way to suspend my htpc whether I am in xbmc or windows? I was up all night trying to figure it out. I don't want 2 buttons as I use a harmony 1100 and activities. I tried to set up a suspend shortcut with a hotkey and the same hotkey in my xbmc keymap.xml but it breaks the hotkey in both windows and xbmc completely. Also, I'm not sure if this is a flirc issue or if it's something in windows that got borked when I was messing around last night but about 1 in 3 suspends when in xbmc causes a blue screen error. If anyone has an idea for me to try regarding suspending my machine let me know. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Well I figured it out. I use eventghost for my system hibernate (and presumably much more in the future ;) ). It works even when behind xbmc. As for my blue screen errors that was due to my ssd. If I hibernate rather then sleep I don't get the blue screen error. I do believe I have everything working perfectly B) .
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