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  1. I bought 2 flircs after seeing that the harmony profile is builtin. Trying to get the 1st flirc working. Didn't work initially but, after doing force fw upgrade in the gui, it now mostly works. Everything I want to use so far in the harmony profile works except ESC and M. (There's probably more but I haven't gotten that far yet.) I can't seem to get past the button already exists problem. I've tried using the XBMC and full keyboard sections of the gui. Does button already exists mean that it's part of the builtin harmony profile or the flirc thinks it's learned but it's not? If it's part of the harmony profile, which keys are ESC and M in the profile. If I knew that, it'd be so much easier. I'm running GUI Firmware v2.0 and Flirc v1.0.9 Harmony One & Raspberry Pi/openELEC/XBMC. I realize that this should be easy, but, so far, it's not. Please point me in the right direction, i.e. how to get past the button already exists problem. Thanks.
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