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  1. I seem to have got it figured out. I'm using StepBack instead of SkipBack
  2. I have been using Flirc with a Harmony One to control XBMC/Kodi for years. However, recently I purchased a Harmony Ultimate (includes some hub) and I'm trying to get the same functionality with it. This uses a different Logitech application called MyHarmony than I am used to. I got most of the functionality working. However, I am noticing that the SkipBack command in XBMC/Kodi is actually causing a Rewind, not a SkipBack. How do I go about fixing this? There's an option for fixing commands in this application, but it sucks.
  3. I was trying basically the same thing with no luck. Mine didn't say anything about the button existing (it connected just fine), but it never seemed to actually work. Also, I was trying to set the Home button to the Menu button on my Harmony, but then it was causing other buttons to stop working (submitted bug report here: ).
  4. I just received my Flirc to use with my Harmony One. I downloaded whatever was on the main page of the Flirc website. The about says GUI 1.0.6 Git 1.0.6 Based on Qt 4.8 It also says Firmware v.1.2 I set it up as a Media Center PC->Flirc->XBMC and I gave the Menu/Guide/Exit buttons some random buttons so that Flirc would know to recognize them. It can control XBMC, but it exhibits some weird behavior when trying to program the Home button when I select XBMC as the controller. In the Flirc Gui, it records successfully if I click the Home, then Menu on my remote. However, then the up and down buttons don't work anymore. Also, when I hit the menu button on my remote, it doesn't turn green on Flirc afterward the way that everything else does. Can't seem to figure out why that happens... More generally, I wish there was a bit better information on how to program these for XBMC on the main page (it doesn't seem to work setting up XBMC and then switch to the Full Keyboard and set the c as another button, it got rid of the up botton in the XBMC page, and then going back to the keyboard the c button doesn't light up green anymore). Edit: It seems like latest updates have resolved this issue.
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