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  1. No. This is with the Sony codes.
  2. Thanks for the instructions. I was able to adjust the sensitivity. however, when I had it set to zero, and attempted to relearn the IR codes, the GUI would act like everything was great. But, when using the remote, most of the buttons wouldn't work. I noticed that after learning an IR code for a button, I could immediately go back and set up the same code sometimes 5 time before I'd get the "button already existed" dialog box. I tried all the sensitivity levels and noticed I was getting the very same results with all of them. Even when I put it back to level 3. When I have some more time, I'll play around with it a little more. Just a heads up to anyone else looking to do this. When I tried running the flirc.exe from cli folder, the command line would come up for a split second and then go away anytime I ran it (on 2 different machines). I was able to run it by: Navigating to the cli folder, holding the shift key, and right clicking inside the cli folder, then clicking "open command window here", then typing flirc.exe in the command line. This would launch the command line FLIRC program and keep it up so I could adjust the sensitivity.
  3. Awesome. Can anyone direct me to the command line instructions?
  4. i just updated the FW to the beta "wake up" version, and the problem persists. And it doesn't matter if I'm scrolling through a list quickly or slowly. Every one in a while it'll just go left. I've used command line stuff in the past. But, not much. Mostly just for rooting my phones and what-not.
  5. When I get home today, I intend on giving the new beta FW a test and see if that fixes the issue. The FW I'm using now is the one Jason sent me via email when he fixed the issue where the FLIRC was going to sleep and not waking up (v1.0). The issue happens whether I'm repeatedly pressing the button, and when I hold the button down. As for slow presses, I'll have to check. I'd say my normal scrolling rate when looking for a movie would be 1.5-2 presses per second. I'm currently using a Sony DVD remote. My previous remote I believe was a RCA DVD (old school Xbox IR codes).
  6. Hah. I noticed this too. How about adding a Print Screen button?
  7. If I'm going down (or up) through a directory in XBMC, and I'm pressing down (or up) repeatedly, it will all of a sudden go left. Then, I'll have to press right to get back to the directory and continue my navigation. This is on a Acer Revo 3700. I've tried this with a few different remotes thinking maybe the IR codes were too similar on the remote I was using. But, the outcome was the same.
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