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  1. This would also be extremely useful for my setup. Right now if I need to change my TV options (e.g. change scene modes) it collides with my xbmc box. So add my vote.
  2. Flirc is working great with the remote for my Sony Bravia TV (remote model RM-YD087) and my OpenElec 3.2.3 / XBMC 12.2 (Frodo) box. I used the keyboard profile instead of the XBMC profile. Keys mapped are: P - Play R - Rewind F - Fast Forward X - Stop Space - Pause [ - Next chapter ] - Prev chapter Backspace - Back (mapped to Return button) T - Subtitles (mapped to CC button) Esc - Prev Menu/Home (mapped to Yellow button) C - Context Menu (mapped to Blue button) S - Shutdown Menu (mapped to Red button) I - Info (mapped to Green button) You'll also need to turn on "Remote control sends keyboard presses" in System -> Input devices so that it works correctly with the onscreen keyboard. It doesn't map the volume or number keys as these collide with my TV and sound bar controls. The only issues I have is keys collide when using the TV options menu (e.g. to change SceneSelect, etc.) and the TV pops up a "Feature not available" message when toggling subtitles. Not a big deal, I can live with it. PS - I would upload my config file but attach files won't let me!
  3. Unplugged and plugged it back in. Still not working. No big deal as long as I can start it from the command line. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hmm.. yeah the file is there. Maybe my udev isn't picking it up. Might work after a reboot. I notice its a numbered rule file - maybe its getting overridden by something else?
  5. Ok, got it. It needs sudo to work. So starting it from the desktop won't work. It should prompt for your password like other programs... maybe the install needs to use gksudo or something?
  6. I just got my flirc. I'm running 13.10 64 bit. I also cannot load the GUI. How do you start the GUI from the command line? Just typing flirc seems to run the command line utility.
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